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Apple Trees

You've heard the saying, "An apple day can keep the doctor away?" Well, imagine what you could do with multiple apple trees? At Willis Orchard Company, we offer a wide selection of apple trees to choose from to make the dream of starting your own home apple orchard a reality. We offer combo apple trees, like the 3-in-1 Apple Tree with which you can choose up to 3 varieties to choose from. We also have the sweet but delightfully tart Granny Smith Apple Tree and many other apple tree varieties to choose from. Ready to get started? Give our knowledgeable and friendly staff a call today.

The following page shows our stunning collection of apple trees - including apple specialty trees, southern apple trees and standard apple trees. We offer a huge selection to suit a whole range of climates and environments. We make the possibility of having a home orchard a reality. Think of the many uses of delicious, healthy and flavorful apple fruit that your new trees will provide every year. The apple fruit from your tree can be stored for later and used in cooking all kinds of delicious dishes and desserts.

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Standard Apple Trees

Southern Apple Trees

Apple Trees

At Willis Orchard Company it has been our ongoing commitment to always offer the finest selection of apple trees for our customers. In our experience, the planting, caring for and harvesting of apple trees offers a host of benefits - something that those who have never done it can only imagine. We are lovers of the outdoors - of what nature can supply to us and how, through the tending of the things that we grow, we can reap great rewards, personal satisfaction and growth.

Nutritional Value - Apples of all varieties offers a wealth of nutritional value; that can't be disputed. Imagine the value of having all that nutrition right in your backyard, right at your fingertips? The availability of apples on this level could very well change your day to day eating habits and, as a result, your health.

Economical Value - If you've been to the grocery store lately, you know the prices that are garnered for fruits of all kinds. It can be downright unaffordable to eat healthy in this day and age. With the planting of our own apple trees, you free yourself from the economic stress associated with eating well.

Chemical-Free - When you buy your apples from a store, you have no way of knowing what pesticides or other chemicals they were treated with or exposed to throughout their journey to your kitchen. When you grow your own apple trees, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your fruits are completely and totally chemical free. Not only that, you grew these apples yourself!

Feeling of Accomplishment - Theres nothing that can adequately explain the feeling of self-accomplishment that comes with being able to walk right outside your door and pick your own apple right from your own apple tree. There is a feeling of deep satisfaction that comes with picking a clean, fresh apple off a tree and eating it. Join in the fun and plant your own home orchard today!

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