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Northern Spy Apple Tree

  • Northern Spy Apple Tree

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The Northern Spy Apple is a variety of apple native to the northern East Coast of the United States and parts of Michigan and Ontario and is very popular in upstate New York. The Northern Spy Apple is a large greenish-yellow apple with red striping but will become more red with more ripening. The white flesh is juicy, crisp and mildly sweet with a rich, aromatic sub-acidic flavor. The fruit is also noted for its high vitamin C content. It's characteristic flavor is more tart than most popular varieties, and its flesh is harder/crunchier than most, with a thin skin. Harvest in late October to early November. Requires 1000 chill hours and grows well in Zones 3-7.

Grows in zones: 3 - 7

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    Note: The greater the tree caliper, then the heavier the branch development. This relates to the maturity of the tree and how soon fruit production will begin. (A tall skinny tree is not desirable to a short stockier fruit tree.)

    Zone Map

    Grows in zones: 3 - 7

    Base Zone3 Zone4 Zone5 Zone6 Zone7