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Raspberry Plants

Raspberries are a small native American flowering bush or trailing vine. The berries can be red, black, or golden. The red raspberry is what people traditionally think of as a raspberry. They are a member of the same family as blackberries, however, they are a bit different. There are subtle differences in the berry plants, but a more distinct difference in the flavors. Raspberries are touted by many as the best for making jam or jelly. The plants are easy to grow and are excellent for use in cooking or fresh eating. Raspberries are traditionally thought of as a northern fruit, however, they will grow and fruit in the southeast also. Willis Orchard Company has selected a few of the top varieties for you to grow in your home orchard.

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Various Hybrid Raspberry Plants

  • Anne Yellow Raspberry Plant
    Anne Yellow Raspberry Plant
    Starting at $4.95
  • Fall Gold Raspberry Plant
    Fall Gold Raspberry Plant
    Starting at $4.95

Red Raspberry Plants

  • Canby Raspberry Plant
    Canby Raspberry Plant
    Starting at $3.95
  • Heritage Raspberry Plant
    Heritage Raspberry Plant
    Starting at $3.95
  • Latham Raspberry Plant
    Latham Raspberry Plant
    Starting at $3.95
  • September Raspberry Plant
    September Raspberry Plant
    Starting at $3.95

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