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Plum Trees

Plums are native to Asia, Europe, and North America. They come in a variety of colors like green, gold, red, purple, and blue. Plums are an excellent source of vitamin A and C, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and fiber. They are often used as a dried fruit and then referred to as a prune. They are also used to make one of the best tasting jellies or jams in the world. The plums found in the grocery store are domestic varieties. However, there is a (Chickasaw) wild native American plum tree that grows in thickets and is becoming more rare to find as the years go by. Plum trees are relatively small, growing 15-20 feet tall and with a few exceptions, need pairs to pollinate one another. Willis Orchard Company offers a selection of some of the finest plum varieties for your home orchard. Plant our select variety of plum trees for succulent delicious fruit from June through September.

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  • American Plum Seedling
    American Plum Seedling

    Starting at $4.95

  • Autumn Rosa Plum Tree
    Autumn Rosa Plum Tree

    Starting at $8.95

  • Blue Damson Plum
    Blue Damson Plum

    Starting at $8.95

  • Burgundy Plum Tree
    Burgundy Plum Tree

    Starting at $8.95

  • Chickasaw Plum Tree
    Chickasaw Plum Tree

    Starting at $4.95

  • Elephant Heart Plum Tree
    Elephant Heart Plum Tree

    Starting at $8.95

  • Golden Nectar Plum Tree
    Golden Nectar Plum Tree

    Starting at $8.95

  • Green Gage Plum Tree
    Green Gage Plum Tree

    Starting at $8.95

  • Methley Plum Tree
    Methley Plum Tree

    Starting at $8.95

  • Plumcot Hybrid Plum Tree
    Plumcot Hybrid Plum Tree

    Starting at $14.95

  • Santa Rosa Plum Tree
    Santa Rosa Plum Tree

    Starting at $8.95

  • Satsuma Plum Tree
    Satsuma Plum Tree

    Starting at $8.95

  • Stanley Prune Plum Tree
    Stanley Prune Plum Tree

    Starting at $34.95

  • Weeping Santa Rosa Plum Tree
    Weeping Santa Rosa Plum Tree

    Starting at $54.95

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