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Chickasaw Plum Tree

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  • Chickasaw Plum Tree
  • Chickasaw Plum Tree

About Chickasaw Plum Tree...

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The Chickasaw Plum is a wild native plum that will grow as a single tree or form a thicket if left unmanaged. Its small sweet-tart fruits are pinkish-red to yellow with an extremely juicy golden flesh that will burst in your mouth. It is an excellent source of food and shelter for wildlife and produces from mid-June to mid-July depending on the area of the country that it is grown. A true Chickasaw plum tree is hard to come by due to the very limited seed sources and propagation stock. Some well-known mail order nurseries sell impostor grafted varieties as Chickasaw plums. So, order early to reserve your trees from Willis Orchard Company. Chickasaw is self-fruiting. (250-300 Chill Hours)

Grows in zones: 5 - 9

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  • 1-2' Seedling (Authentic) (Ships 11/10/2016 - 04/10/2017)
  • $4.95

  • 2-3' (Authentic Product) (Ships 11/10/2016 - 04/10/2017)
  • $7.95

  • 3-4' (Authentic Product) (Ships 11/10/2016 - 04/10/2017)
  • $14.95

  • 4-5' (Branched) (Authentic Product) (Ships 11/10/2016 - 04/10/2017)
  • $22.95

  • 5-6' (Branched) (Authentic Product) (Ships 11/10/2016 - 04/10/2017)
  • $34.95

  • 6-7' (Fruiting Size)(Authentic Product) (Ships 11/10/2016 - 04/10/2017)
  • $49.95

  • 7-8' (Instant Orchard Size)(Authentic Product) (Ships 11/10/2016 - 04/10/2017)
  • $79.95

    Note: Our Chickasaw Plum trees are grown from a "True" native Georgia seed source. These are not grafted trees, nor should they be. ***We also have the following Plum varieties available in 4' plus sizes, upon request: AU Homeside, AU Rubrum, Beauty, Casselman, Ozark Premier and Stanley Prune.***

    Zone Map

    Grows in zones: 5 - 9

    Base Zone5 Zone6 Zone7 Zone8 Zone9