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Blackberry Plants

Blackberries are a native American fruit that grows as a small flowering shrub or a trailing vine. Huge commercial operations are predominately in the mid-west, however, you-pick blackberry farms are very popular from the east coast to the west coast. Blackberries are easy to grow and have a productive life span of 15 to 20 years. Willis Orchard Company offers both traditional thorny blackberries and hybrid thornless varieties--both are excellent for fresh eating, jams, jellies, or cobblers.

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Various Hybrid Blackberry Plants

  • Austin Dewberry Plant
    Austin Dewberry Plant

    Starting at $3.95

  • Nectar Boysenberry Plant
    Nectar Boysenberry Plant

    Starting at $3.95

Thorny Blackberry Plants

  • Black Butte Blackberry Plant
    Black Butte Blackberry Plant

    Starting at $3.95

  • Brazos Blackberry Plant
    Brazos Blackberry Plant

    Starting at $3.95

  • Cherokee Blackberry Plant
    Cherokee Blackberry Plant

    Starting at $3.95

  • Kiowa Blackberry
    Kiowa Blackberry

    Starting at $3.95

Thornless Blackberry Plants

  • Apache Blackberry Plant
    Apache Blackberry Plant

    Starting at $4.95

  • Black Satin Blackberry Plant
    Black Satin Blackberry Plant

    Starting at $4.95

  • Navajo Blackberry Plant
    Navajo Blackberry Plant

    Starting at $4.95

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