Willow Tree Family

Transport your garden to a serene oasis with our exquisite Willow Trees. Known for their elegant, sweeping branches and delicate foliage, these trees offer timeless beauty and tranquil charm to any landscape.

Willow Trees feature graceful, drooping branches that sway in the breeze. Narrow, lance-shaped leaves that create a soft, dappled shade. Hardy and adaptable, suitable for a variety of soil types and climates. Symbol of resilience and flexibility, adding depth to your outdoor space.

Ideal for: Creating a peaceful focal point in gardens, parks, and public spaces. Providing natural privacy screening along fences and property lines. Enhancing water features or pond edges with their reflective presence. Inviting wildlife such as birds and butterflies to your yard. Embrace the enchanting allure of Willow Trees and elevate your outdoor ambiance today!

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Flame Willow
Flame Willow

Starting at $8.95
Zones: 3-8

French Pussy Willow
French Pussy Willow

Starting at $14.95
Zones: 4-8

Weeping Willow Tree
Weeping Willow Tree

Starting at $9.95
Zones: 5-9