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Walnut Trees

Walnut Trees are highly prized for their tasty nuts and their valuable wood. The wood has an amber reddish color that has long been used for fine furniture construction. The nuts of walnut trees are classified into two groups: black and white. The white walnut group has nuts that abscise smoothly from the surrounding pith so the shell is relatively clean and white (actually golden). Also, the white walnut shells are relatively soft and easy to crack in comparison to black walnuts. However, the black walnut is no less desirable in flavor. Black walnuts' shell clings to the surrounding pith and must be removed by force or decay. In either case, remains of the pith are embedded in the shell, which gives it a black appearance. Black walnuts are very high in price compared to most other types of nuts, and its wood is unsurpassed. Willis Orchard Company offers a fine selection of choice walnut trees for sale for your home or commercial orchard. Buy trees online with us!

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