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Muscadine & Scuppernong Grape Vines

Muscadine and scuppernong grapes are native North American grapes indigenous to the lower half of the United States. They are much larger individual berries than bunch grapes, but grow in smaller pods or bunches and have a thicker skin. Researchers have discovered the seed of muscadines to have cancer preventing properties, so many commercial growers now make more money selling the seeds to pharmaceutical companies than they make on other juice or wine products. Muscadines are purple or black and scuppernongs are bronze or golden. However, a scuppernong is a muscadine. So, a golden colored muscadine is called a scuppernong. Muscadines are thought of as a traditional southern grape only, however, muscadines are zoned by the USDA for growing zones 6-10. Zone 6 includes a large area from Massachusetts to Kansas. So whether you live in the deep south or the northern United States, muscadines are a delicious, healthy, and easy grape to grow in your home vineyard. Just remember to plant male and female muscadines to ensure huge crops of scrumptious grapes.

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Male Scuppernongs

  • Bronze Carlos Scuppernong
    Bronze Carlos Scuppernong
    Starting at $8.95
  • Bronze Dixie Sweet Scuppernong
    Bronze Dixie Sweet Scuppernong
    Starting at $8.95
  • Bronze Magnolia Scuppernong
    Bronze Magnolia Scuppernong
    Starting at $8.95
  • Bronze Tara Scuppernong
    Bronze Tara Scuppernong
    Starting at $8.95

Male Muscadines

  • Black Cowart Muscadine
    Black Cowart Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Black Nesbit Muscadine
    Black Nesbit Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Black Noble Muscadine
    Black Noble Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Black Southland Muscadine
    Black Southland Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Southern Dixie Muscadine
    Southern Dixie Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95

Female Scuppernongs

  • Bronze Fry Scuppernong
    Bronze Fry Scuppernong
    Starting at $8.95
  • Bronze Higgins Scuppernong
    Bronze Higgins Scuppernong
    Starting at $8.95

Female Muscadines

  • Black Hunt Muscadine
    Black Hunt Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Black Jumbo Muscadine
    Black Jumbo Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Black Loomis Muscadine
    Black Loomis Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Black Old Fashioned Muscadine
    Black Old Fashioned Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Red Scarlet Muscadine
    Red Scarlet Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95
  • Red Summit Muscadine
    Red Summit Muscadine
    Starting at $8.95

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