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Chinquapin Trees

The Chinquapin is a sub-species of the Chestnut family. It grows as a small tree or bush. Chinquapins are delicious eaten right out of the burr in the Fall. Chinquapins have a single nut in the burr, unlike chestnuts that have nut divisions. They are understory trees that grow in our native forests. However, heavy logging throughout the U.S has made finding native chinquapins harder than ever. The chinquapin tree is excellent for fresh eating, roasting, or for wildlife food. Willis Orchard Company offers these rare trees on a limited supply. So, order early to reserve your chinquapin trees.

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  • Allegheny Chinquapin Tree
    Allegheny Chinquapin Tree
    Starting at $16.95
  • Georgia Native Chinquapin Tree
    Georgia Native Chinquapin Tree
    Starting at $16.95

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