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Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree

5-6' (Very Nice, Developed Trees)

Ships: 12/01/2022 - 04/01/2023

Price: $89.95


Grows in zones: 5 - 9

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About Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree...

Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud gives a spectacular waterfall of color for any landscape. It produces profuse, hot, rose pink to purple flowers in the spring that give way to bright red spring foliage. The leaves turn dark purple and then green as the summer progresses. Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud offers a very attractive weeping form that reaches 6-8' in height and equally as wide. The Ruby Falls Redbud Tree attracts birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds and has a medium growth rate in full sun, full shade or partial shade. Requires well drained soil and low water use, and is disease and pest resistant.

Price List for Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree

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Size Ships Price
3-4' 12/01/2022 - 04/01/2023

Sold Out

5-6' (Very Nice, Developed Trees) 12/01/2022 - 04/01/2023 $89.95

Zone Map

Grows in zones: 5 - 9

Base Zone5 Zone6 Zone7 Zone8 Zone9
Base Zone5 Zone6 Zone7 Zone8 Zone9