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Quince Trees

The Quince is a native fruit tree to Persia resembling a cross between an apple and a pear. This ancient fruit of antiquity was prized by Greeks and Romans alike. The fruit is very fragrant and has a balanced sweet-tart flavor that is excellent for jellies or preserves. The trees are now grafted and grown on a semi-dwarf root stock only allowing the tree to reach 15-20 feet. The native ungrafted trees get twice as big. The Quince is an excellent fruit for large wildlife, such as deer, and the delicious aroma can be sensed from long distances. Quince are rather firm and are usually cut into thin slices and eaten or used for culinary delights, such as preserves, pies or pastry tarts. Willis Orchard Company offers the two best varieties of Quince trees for your home orchard.

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  • Cooke's Jumbo Quince Tree
    Cooke's Jumbo Quince Tree
    Starting at $34.95
  • Jumbo Quince
    Jumbo Quince
    Starting at $34.95
  • Orange Quince
    Orange Quince
    Starting at $34.95
  • Pineapple Quince Tree
    Pineapple Quince Tree
    Starting at $34.95
  • Smyrna Quince Tree
    Smyrna Quince Tree
    Starting at $34.95

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