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Multi-Budded Fruit Trees

Multi-budded fruit trees are perfect for those who want variety but simply do not have the yard space to plant multiple trees. With multi-budded fruit trees, you can enjoy several choice varieties from the space of a single tree. Buy fruit trees online from today!

The main advantages of a multi-budded fruit tree are that more variety and a longer ripening period are offered from a single tree. However, multi-budded fruit trees do have one special requirement; You must periodically prune back the more aggressive limb or limbs. This will stop one or two varieties from taking over the tree which will eventually cause the other varieties to fail. Also, you should always plant so the smallest limb is to the south/southwest to insure that it gets plenty of sunlight. So good sunlight and periodic pruning will help you to maintain your multi-budded fruit tree so that each variety grows in balance with the others. Have fun and order multi-budded fruit trees for sale from Willis Orchard Company today!

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