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Hazelnut Trees

Hazelnuts and Filberts are the same thing. The name given is dependent on your country of origin. Hazelnuts are a delicious nut for fresh eating, roasted, salted, or as toppings in chocolate and ice cream. The hazelnut is both tasty and healthy. It is high in vitamins A, E, and the B group. Hazelnut trees are easy to grow: plant two for cross-pollination and abundant crops will come quickly.

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  • American Filbert Tree
    American Filbert Tree

    Starting at $6.95

  • Beaked Hazelnut
    Beaked Hazelnut

    Starting at $5.95

  • European Hazelnut Tree
    European Hazelnut Tree

    Starting at $6.95

  • Jefferson Hazelnut Tree
    Jefferson Hazelnut Tree

    Starting at $27.95

  • Yamhill Hazelnut
    Yamhill Hazelnut

    Starting at $27.95

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