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Flowering Pear Trees

Originating from Europe and Asia from as far back as 1134 BC, the Flowering Pear Tree has a long and valuable history. They are known for their rapid growth rate. It is not uncommon to see 12' to 15' height increases during an 8 to 10 year period. The Flowering Pear Tree, Pyrus Calleryana, is now grown throughout the U.S. for its awesome display of white early blooms.

These beautiful fast growing blooming pear trees get 30' to 40' perform the best in full sun. Planting the tree in a site that receives full sun increases its flowering and assures brilliant fall foliage colors. The tree's success rate increases when it is planted in an area sheltered from prevailing winds and snow loads. Properly pruning this ornamental pear tree in its youth also can promote strong branch spacing.

Ornamental pear trees are deciduous and have an elliptical or tear-drop appearance. They have dark green ovate leaves and furrowed dark brown to light green bark. In the Fall, the leaves produce striking Fall color in shades of red, bronze and purple. The showy white flowers are a beautiful feature of these highly regarded ornamental pear trees.

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Flowering Pear Trees

Flowering Pear Trees

Flowering pears are one of the earliest and loveliest of the Spring blooming trees. Flowering pears are very adaptable to many types of environmental conditions, such as soil types and Ph levels, air pollution, heat and drought. They also are very cold hardy making them a great fit for Northern states.

In addition to its value as an easily established ornamental tree, the Flowering Pear makes a great screen, providing your backyard with both privacy and moderately dense shade. Also, these showy trees attract a variety of birds making any of the flowering pear varieties a great choice for your landscape.

Willis Orchard Company offers three of the best varieties of the Flowering Pear tree, the Aristocrat, the Bradford and the Cleveland Select. Any of these three would be an excellent choice for your home or business.