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Flowering Peach Trees

The Flowering Peach tree, prunus persica, is a member of the Rosaceae family. Ornamental peaches trees were cultivated in China for thousands of years before being introduced to western countries about 300 years ago. These trees are often considered to be one of the most attractive of the flowering trees. Orchard Company offers upright, weeping, and dwarf varieties of the ornamental peach trees.

The peach tree blossoms on a flowering tree vary from single to double bloomed, with color variations of light to dark pink, white, red or variegated. These blooms emerge early Spring, creating a beautiful sight from the starkness of Winter. Every flower blooms either separately or in pairs on peduncles, a short stalk. These tightly clustered blooms often make them appear to be growing in groups rather than on single stem. Cleistogamy, the process of self pollination, occurs in these blooms before the bud even opens.

Flowering peach trees have the ability to grow in various soil conditions, however, they prefer to be in well drained, loamy soil. These blooming peach trees perform best when planted in full sun although they can tolerate some shade in your warmer climates. Blooms form on the previous year wood growth, so pruning is a necessity for optimal performance. Pruning is recommended immediately after blooms dissipate in spring. Winter pruning is not efficient as it would remove buds for the upcoming year. Once established, fertilize established trees in early Spring and again in late Summer.

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Dwarf Flowering Peach Trees

Peach Trees - Flowering

Flowering Peach Trees

Flowering peach trees grow to a height around 20 feet with a similar spread. Willis Orchard Company also offers two dwarf varieties: the Bonanza and the Bonfire, that only reach six feet in height. Dwarf trees are a great option if you are limited in space or want a container plant for your patio. The Bonfire peach is prized for its beautiful double pink flowers and dark red to purple foliage.

The Flowering Peach tree is often seen as a center-piece in oriental garden designs for it's small, graceful appearance, and it's masses of delicate flowers in the Spring. Ornamental peach trees come in a standard or weeping form, and has either white, red, or pink blossoms. However, the most popular variety is a natural mutation that blends red and white on the same bloom. That variety is called the Peppermint Peach. Willis Orchard Company is proud to be among the few nurseries in the United States to offer these magnificent Flowering Peach trees.