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Crabapple Trees

Malus angustifolia, or the southern crabapple, is native to eastern and south-central United States from Florida west to eastern Texas and north to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Missouri. Our crabapple trees for sale belong to the same genus as apples. The blossoms are typically pink, red, or white and can appear as a single or double blooms. The blossoms mature into either green or red fruits with some cultivars having a possible orange or pink blush. The fruits are around 2 inches in diameter and will stay on the tree. If not picked, the fruits add an interesting array of color in the fall. Crabapple trees require full sun for growth and prefers a rich, well draining, loamy soil with a slightly acidic pH. They are highly drought tolerant and can grow up to 25 feet tall.

Many types of crabapple trees will hold their small fruits all winter, providing food for white-tail deer and birds such as pheasants, mockingbirds, white-throated sparrow, northern flickers and finches. Squirrels also enjoy the crabapple and will provide cleanup duty for those that fall on the ground. Choose Willis Orchards to buy fruit trees online!

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