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Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant

  • Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant
  • Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant

About Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant...

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The Pink Lemonade Blueberry is a new hybrid cross between a southern ribbiteye and northern highbush varieties. It produces a pretty pink flower in early spring and then golden, orange leaves in fall. Pink Lemonade blueberry bushes give an abundant crop of medium sized, bright pink berries that ripen in late July. The berries have good firmness but are also very flavorful and sweet. Pink Lemonade blueberry plants are thought to be self-fertile, however the U.S.D.A. recommends cross-pollination with rabbiteye blueberry varieties.

Grows in zones: 5 - 9

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    Zone Map

    Grows in zones: 5 - 9

    Base Zone5 Zone6 Zone7 Zone8 Zone9