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Cherry Elaeagnus

  • Cherry Elaeagnus

About Cherry Elaeagnus...

Native to China and Japan, this medium-large deciduous shrub is perfect for those desiring an ornamental and beneficial wildlife plant. The Cherry Elaeagnus shrub may grow up to 10' tall and 8' wide; it is a wide spreading shrub creating an almost flat topped plant. Fast growing when young, the Cherry Elaeagnus shrub must be pruned to control size and promote dense growth otherwise the plant is potentially invasive. The flowers produced are small, cream colored, fragrant flowers that will bloom in the late spring. The fruits of the Cherry Elaeagnus shrub are 1/2"-1" edible red berries that can be extremely tart but loved by birds, raccoons, turkey, rabbits and deer. Tolerant to drought and wind, the Cherry Elaeagnus shrub prefers part sun to full sun and can grow in mostly sandy to some clay soil and is cold hardy down to -25 degrees F. The Cherry Elaeagnus is also self-fertile and will fruit in the third to fifth year. This is a great tree for creating cover and food for wildlife.

Grows in zones: 3 - 10

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Grows in zones: 3 - 10

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