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Friendly Guarantee

You may have heard horror stories about purchasing from other companies that treat their customers with disrespect and give them the proverbial "run around" when trying to correct an error that has been made. You need not worry about this from Willis Orchard Company, this will not be the case in the unlikely event that an error or other problem occurs. We are kindhearted and reasonable people who are willing to work out issues, not compound them.

At Willis Orchard Company, we promise every customer a healthy quality plant of the correct size and variety specified, the first time. We call our guarantee the "friendly guarantee" because we understand that a certain percent of any organic product may not survive due to the laws of nature and at no fault of our customer or of ours. So, you will not be treated rudely or given "the run around" to redeem the replacement you were promised. We do not require our customers to fill out forms or pay shipping costs, for a second time, to receive a replacement product. Also, we do not offer refunds for products that do not survive within the first year.

Here's how it works. If your tree dies within one year of the purchase date, simply return the item, within the year, with proof of purchase and a new item will be shipped to you, at the next Fall / Winter planting time and at our cost. We realize that circumstances occur so that you may misplace the original invoice form that comes on the package, within the span of one year. Therefore, proof of purchase may be a copy of the original invoice form, a copy of your credit card statement, or a copy (front and back) of your check payment. We offer a one time / one shipment replacement on bare-root plants/trees so you may want to wait until late Summer to evaluate your trees and then claim your 1 year warranty. B&B trees are warranted for the value of the tree (not shipping cost), also for 1 year. The B&B tree warranty is redeemable as an in-store credit and not refundable. We truly appreciate our customers and will strive to satisfy each and every one of you. Thank you from all of us at Willis Orchard Company for choosing us to supply your quality trees and plants.

Willis Orchard Company offers our friendly guarantee on all of our trees, even the smaller sizes, that are planted within their recommended zones. See zone map to find your zone area.

This guarantee does not extend to annuals (a plant that is grown for a single season, this includes Strawberry plants). Items that are discounted, or marked as sale items are not guaranteed for replacement. A replacement claim for an item(s) of $24.95 or less will receive an in-store credit for the value of the item(s) to be redeemed on your next purchase.

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