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Smoke Tree Family

Originating in the wooded hills above the Mediterranean, the Smoke Tree holds true to its name. The Smoke Tree has showy blooms that are wispy clumps of filaments that look like puffs of smoke. As more and more cities across America are implementing mandatory water restrictions, landscapers and homeowners are evermore searching for the perfect low-maintenance, drought tolerant ornamental tree.

Willis Orchard Company offers a prized selection of Smoke trees. If you are looking for an unusual tree with unusual blossoms then one of these small ornamental trees is for you. Smoke trees have small and smooth leaves that are rounded in shape. Different species change their leaf colors to different hues during Fall. During the Fall season, the Smoke trees make for a warm colorful picture. Since both the leaves and the flowers display so much vibrant color, these trees add character to any place they are grown. The flowering period of these beautiful trees is from late Spring to early Summer. Flowering last 3 months or more.

The Smoke trees have some other great qualities that make it the perfect landscape tree. It remains free of pests and insects thus proving to be great for gardens. These beautiful Smoke trees are great for containers and are quite low maintenance. Also, they make wonderful privacy trees.

Another great use for Smoke trees due to the tree's great drought tolerance is planting barren land to add some vegetation, color and to prevent erosion. Smoke trees grow best in full sun and prefer well-drained moist to dry soil. Browse our selection of Smoke Trees for sale below!

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Smoke Tree Family

Willis Orchard Company believes Cotinus coggygria "Smoke Tree" in all its forms is the perfect landscape tree. It has remarkable Spring, Summer and Fall foliage along with long-lasting beautiful Spring-Summer blooms. This on top of being a drought hardy and easy to care for tree, makes it easy to understand why we think the Smoke Tree is the perfect tree for your landscape.

Willis Orchard Company offers four of the best varieties of the Smoke tree, the Green, the Purple, the Cooke's Purple and the Royal Purple. Any of these four would be an excellent choice for your home or business. Choose Willis Orchards for top-quality Smoke Trees for sale!