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Poplar Tree Family

Poplar trees have roots as far back as ancient Rome. The trees were planted in and around public meeting places as early as the 6th century. The Greeks and Etruscans used the Poplar tree's durable wood for shields and many other useful items. Poplar was the most common wood used in Italy or panel paintings, including the Mona Lisa.

Poplar trees are a fast growing deciduous hardwood tree used for making furniture and pallets. Native Americans used poplar to make their canoes. Poplar is one of the primary trees used by the lumber industry, because it grows tall, straight, and fast. Poplar trees make good shade trees for your yard. Some species, such as tulip poplar, offer beautiful blooms and attractive fall leaf colors.

Homeowners and businesses love growing Poplar trees because they grow fast, up to 40' to 70', bringing beauty and shade quickly. They also remain narrow, making great ornamental trees, as well as effective wind breaks. They are often used in parks and to line driveways.

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Poplar Tree Family

Poplar trees bear both male and female flowers. The leaves are spirally arranged and vary in shape from triangular to circular. The bark of the poplar is smooth, soft and the colors range from white to dark grey. The bark becomes wrinkled and cracked with age. Trunks become massive in old age, and become deeply furrowed with thick bark. Poplar trees will grow in fertile soil and either acidic or neutral, with direct sunlight and moderate water.

Willis Orchard Company offers three of the best Poplar Tree varieties: the Hybrid, the Lombardy and the Tulip. Any of these three would be an excellent choice for your home or business. Choose Willis Orchards for quality Poplar trees for sale!