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Elm Tree Family

Elm trees have a very rich and interesting past. The majestic elm has enjoyed a long and varied existence. This beloved tree first appeared about 40 million years ago in Asia, then successfully moving throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Elm trees are fast growing shade trees are often used for both commercial and residential plantings. The different species have different colors and textures making them a beautiful addition to your landscape.

Some elms produce cork along the branches, these are called winged elms. The wood can be used to make furniture, however, the primary use is for a fast growing and gracefully shaped shade tree. Willis Orchard Company has a large supply of elm trees for sale in any size or quantity you require.

Elm trees have oval or elliptical leaves. They are usually smooth, asymmetrical and double serrated on the edges. Leaves are dark green on the upper side and light green on the bottom side. The bark of the elm is very attractive. The beautiful trees have a single, distinct trunk that runs nearly to the top. Most also spread out to a diameter of approximately half the size of the height making these generous shade trees.

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Elm Tree Family

Planted as ornamental street, garden and park trees, Elm trees can have the cooling effect of five air-conditioners making it a very valuable asset. These trees not only add beauty but value to your property. Elm trees are fast growing and are appreciated for their characteristic vase like crown. They are hardy and tolerant to stress. They adapt to wet or dry soil making them very desirable trees. You can select a sunlit area with fertile, well drained, neutral soil or sandy loam for growing. Elm trees prefer full sun or partial shade and moist well drained fertile soil.

Willis Orchard Company offers four of the best varieties of the Elm tree, the Allee, the American, the Drake and the Winged. Any of these four would be an excellent choice for your home or business.