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Birch Tree Family

Few trees have been so important to so many people as the valuable Birch tree. Birch trees have been used for shelters, canoes, buckets, kettles, horns and for medicinal uses, just to name a few. Historically, the Birch tree has increased the quality of life to many people for thousands of years. Birch trees can live 30 to 200 years depending on the quality of soil.

Birch are medium-sized trees which grow 40-50 feet tall. Birch trees have green leaves that are oval or elliptical in shape. The edges of the leaves are single or double serrated on the edges. The Birch Bark can vary in color from white, grey, yellow or black. Young trees have very smooth bark. Older plants have deep ridges. The bark on all the species of Birch trees peels off in long horizontal strips. Seeds and bark of the Birch tree are a food source for forest animals.

Birch trees require well-drained moist, sandy and loamy soil. They need enough moisture and sunlight for proper growth. Birch trees usually grow near rivers and lakes. One of the reasons behind this is its shallow root-system. Birch trees are hardy, quick growing and generally immune to insect attacks and disease. No need to fertilize Birch trees unless you see they are not getting proper nutrition. Also, there is no need to prune unless it is necessary for the health of the tree. One of the best ways to keep the soil optimal for the birch tree is to mulch. This helps the soil stay moist and cool and prevents other plants from competing. Birch trees usually need to be watered due to the shallow root system.

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Birch Tree Family

Birch trees are used for reforestation, erosion control, ornamental trees and high quality wood. Birch trees are prized for outstanding bark characteristics and graceful delicate foliage. Numerous species and cultivars are used in landscapes and almost all are distinctive in bark coloration, growth form.

Willis Orchard Company offers the best two types of Birch trees, the River and the Japanese. Either of these two types of Birch trees would be an excellent choice for your home or business.