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Canary Island Date Palm Tree

Canary Island Date Palm Tree

The Canary Island Date Palm is another member of the Phoenix palm family with many spectacular, but different, characteristics like the Medjool Date Palm. It is also a large tree that reaches 60-70 feet tall and 25 feet wide. The Canary Island Date Palm has a fat trunk with a predominant bulge at the top with a large crown of 8-15 foot long leaves. The leaves are stiff and green. <br /> This stately palm is found at many fine resorts and homes, offering a unique display. The Canary Island Date Palm also produces an edible fruit, but it is smaller and less used than the Medjool date. Young Canary Island Date Palms resemble giant pineapples and make an awesome container grown plant. The Trunk is very slow growing on this palm and make a large specimen highly sought after and very expensive. Willis Orchard Company can supply you with any size Canary Island Date Palm that you may like to have and will freight the tree directly to your site for planting. (Grows in Zones 8-10. Refer to Zone Map.)

Grows in zones: 8 - 10

Starts at: $14.95